Quality Assurance


The MTI Seaport-e Team recognizes the importance of quality assurance (QA) in mission-related tasks, and takes steps to ensure quality throughout the life of a program. Our QA plan includes a surveillance methodology, evaluation and corrective action, and designation of staff members responsible for ensuring that performance metrics are met. The MTI Seaport-e Team's approach to maximizing quality includes: understanding the products and services to be provided; establishing set goals; developing work plans that correlate with performance metrics; and monitoring and adjusting the work plans, work products, activities, and quality goals to satisfy the needs and desires of the customer. Our team is certified through CMM Level 5, and adheres to best practices to control the performance of individual tasks and ensure the achievement of expected results. In addition, the MTI Seaport-e Team adheres to the quality performance standards of ISO 9001-2000 and ISO 9002-2002. The MTI Seaport-e Team has a thorough knowledge of CM standards, the NASI/EIA-649-1998, and DFARS 252.248.7000 for value engineering change proposals. MTI Seaport-e Team employs risk management practices that identify cost, schedule, and technical risks to a project, offering timely resolution to potential problems. Risks are quantified according to their impact on integration, installation, performance, technical parameters, schedule and cost, and are classified (low, medium, or high) depending upon their potential impact.

In addition, the MTI Seaport-e Team is experienced in performing on task orders that are issued under performance-based contracts, where we have reduced costs, while optimizing performance through a variety of means, including application of Earned Value Management (EVM), Value Engineering (VE) methodology, cross-program resource allocation, continuous performance assessment, and the integration of lessons learned and continuous process improvements. Prior to the end date of the initial period of performance for any given task order, the MTI Seaport-e Team will assist the government in converting the task order to a performance-based task order, and will submit to the government a clear, concise Performance-Based Work Statement (PWS) that describes the effort performed during the base year of the task, accompanied by a QA plan to ensure quality performance. Through the use of EVM processes to integrate program scope, schedule, cost, and technical objectives, the establishment of a baseline plan for the accomplishment of program objectives and performance measurement may be achieved.