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For many years, commercial and institutional facility managers considered utilities just another cost of doing business. A small part of overall operating costs, they did not justify the time required to manage them. Today, it is not unusual for utility costs to exceed monthly lease or mortgage costs, and they can no longer be ignored. Facility managers are turning more and more to professionals to maximize energy efficiency and minimize utility costs. The first step in managing your facility utility costs and identifying potential future system problems is to conduct an energy audit.

At MTI we have a team of energy and engineering professionals capable of providing energy audit services anywhere in the country. Whether the building is federal, commercial or private, our team of professionals will conduct a detailed and thorough assessment of the energy usage and propose a plan that once implemented will immediately begin to reduce energy.

Got Green IT?

Until recently, computer center facilities were considered too critical to audit due to data security and system reliability concerns. However, as computer and communication equipment have become smaller, computer facilities are far more densely occupied, producing not only higher building electrical loads, but also significantly higher air-conditioning costs.

Central cooling systems, chillers, towers, and water pumps that years ago ran only on weekdays during the summer now operate 24/7. In fact, cooling systems have become mission critical, since a loss of cooling will cause computer and network centers to automatically shut down in a matter of minutes, to avoid equipment damage, data loss, and a collapse of operations.

Making the data center more efficient will reduce overall operation cost in the long run. Since the average data center accounts for approximately 40% of a buildings total energy usage on average, Greening the data center or computer facility of a building is critical to reducing the buildings overall energy consumption.

Whether a datacenter needs virtualization, HVAC upgrade, more dense storage or simply different computer systems to become more efficient, our data center experts can perform an IT audit of a data center and determine the best action plan to reduce its energy consumption. We will identify ways to complete the same amount of work using less energy.

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