IT Services

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MTI is a leading Information Technology provider to Federal, State, and Local Government Agencies, Department of Defense, and Commercial Enterprises across the nation. We have a passion for people and technology. As a result of our people-centric philosophy, we know that staff retention plays a key role in satisfying the needs of our clients. That is why we place special emphasis on selecting, retaining and continuously educating our employees.

Health IT Services

ICUcare LLC and MTI have joined forces to offer our service disabled veterans free access to our top level personal EHR platform. 

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Infrastructure Services

Does your infrastructure help your organization achieve its goals or it does it put up roadblocks? At MTI, we believe that technology should work for you, not the other way around.

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Application Services

MTI can re-engineer your business processes, making them more efficient, and then translate them into an application that does what you need it to. We can also support the application with courteous and knowledgeable help desk professionals.

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Security & Compliance

It's 3AM. Do you know where your data is? Is it safely encrypted and residing on your well controlled and audited network share, or is it being sent, bit-by-bit, across the internet to an identity thief or a foreign government?

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Green Services

For many years, commercial and institutional facility managers considered utilities just another cost of doing business. A small part of overall operating costs, they did not justify the time required to manage them.

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